Clawfoot Tub Makes A Comeback As More And More People
Build Designer Bathrooms That Incorporate This
Elegant Antique Bathtub

Long, leisurely soaks and one-of-a-kind look

puts claw foot tubs in high demand

By Laurie Watkins

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Sarah and Richard were gearing up for their long-awaited retirement. They had put in their years of hard work, successfully raised three children and offered a helping hand in raising their seven grandchildren. Now they were in the midst of building their lovely retirement home when the contractor asked them for more input on the master bathroom, where the only request to-date had been from Sarah and it was simple enough: lots of soft lighting and a that she could once again take lingering baths.

Richard, never one for baths, had left this room up to Sarah. After all, he knew how she loved long baths surrounded by candles, her fragrant soaps, and her favorite plush bath towel. Sarah’s most difficult decision was deciding on the type of classic tub to be installed in their new home. Was it going to be a antique claw foot tub, a pedestal tub, or the irresistible copper tub? Her decision became final, it was going to be a classic Copper Tub off the master bedroom and a clawfoot tub for the main bathroom. Extra large and of-so soft, Sarah would sit in a warm bath for what seemed hours and emerge glistening with oil and wrapped tight in the towel that was twice as big as her. Richard smiled at the thought. Perhaps he did have some input to offer. He lovingly suggested that the home’s new digital stereo system include speakers in the master bath, so Sarah could enjoy her copper tub, while listening to the classical music she so loved.

While Richard was instrumental in the design of every other room in the house, he had left this room to Sarah, and was just fine with her idea to build the entire master bath around a stunning copper antique tub . The free standing tub would look great next to the shower that he was sure only he would use once Sarah’s copper tub was finally delivered. So they chose an exquisite antique vanity and matching sinks and before they knew it, the house was near completion…and not a moment too soon.

The planning and building of their dream home had been trying, at best, and more than ever Sarah longed for a nice long soak in her . It took several days to move in and once nearly completed, Sarah and Richard settled in for their first night in their new home.

As Richard reclined in his favorite chair and fumbled with the remote, Sarah smiled and headed for her new copper bathtub. Knowing what was next, Richard lowered the footrest, stood up, and walked over to the home’s new stereo system’s controls. He found Sarah’s favorite classical music station and went into the kitchen to pour Sarah a glass of wine and him self a glass of port. He walked through their new bedroom and smiled.

The home was lovely and he looked forward to creating many new memories here. Richard knocked on the bathroom door before he entered. He smiled at Sarah and sat her glass of wine on the edge of the new antique bathtub. Finally, she looked relaxed and much more like her former self – you know, the Sarah before the lengthy designing and building processes began.

He bent down and kissed Sarah’s forehead and left to return to the fire in the fireplace, his leather chair, and his own glass of port. Soon enough, he could hear Sarah’s hum just above the soft classical music. The old bathtub had been a worthwhile purchase and he knew Sarah would use it almost nightly.

Both Sarah and Richard grew up in a time when antique bathtubs were not actually antiques, but certainly more the household norm. Unlike the tubs of today, the claw foot tub was deeper and much more comfortable, designed to allow bathers to recline completely and enjoy the warm water and relaxation. Of course, that was when people had the time to take advantage of their deep bath tubs – before both husband and wife held down full-time jobs and juggled the after-school ball games, band practices, swimming lessons, etc.

Yes, indeed, those were simpler times, when people were not too busy to take care of themselves and when every household proudly boasted a A class pedestal bathtub that made for a real showpiece. It was the day of the vintage tub except back then, it certainly wasn’t considered a “vintage.” On the contrary, claw foot bathtubs were a status symbol and every family wanted at least one.

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Yes, free standing vintage bathtubs – including everything from copper bathtubs and cast iron bathtubs to porcelain bathtubs and antique metal bathtubs (the clawfoot whirlpool bath tub is a modern-day version, of course), were even more than status symbols, they were in high-demand because long soaks in a tub were something that was a part of every day life back then. Then, somewhere around 1960, modernization took hold and families young and old were into a “new look,” designing the interior of their homes in an art deco style. Then, everything was about creating a look, or a particular image, and comfort and practicality quickly fell by the wayside. Thankfully for Sarah, that classical style tub is back and like her favorite style of music, the classic antique bathtubs are again all the rage, but this time as much for the comfort they allow as the overall eye-catching look.

Today, as people renovate their bathrooms or entire homes, they are incorporating these antique clawfoot tubs in their design, once again enjoying long soaks and taking advantage of the modern spin on these tubs, which is the addition of a whirlpool and even clawfoot tub showers (as well as clawfoot tub faucets and other accessories that make the use of an antique bathtub in your home as much a luxury as it is a statement about you and your).

Like Sarah, you may find that a warm bath, some nice fragrant oils, soft candles, and your favorite music (and soft towel) may be all you need to wash your day-to-day stresses away, all the while creating a bathroom that is as functional as it is stylish.

About the Author:

Laurie Watkins is living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She shares her life with her husband and 2 dogs, both Austrailian Blue Heelers, She enjoys taking long baths in antique clawfoot tubs, and will seize every moment, anywhere in the world, to enjoy soaking in a big comfortable tub.